Types of Inks Used for Tattoos Across the Globe for Men & Women

You will find a lot of people in this generation who loves to make tattoos in their bodies, but they are also very sensitive regarding their skins. At the point of time, the concern regarding the tattoo inks used in making the tattoos is a very vital subject. Because bad links, or poor quality of liquids, and drilling, can make side effects, which is beyond the level of irritation you can ever imagine. So it’s very good that all our friends out there are pretty much aware of such concerns, and this is the only reason for which we are making this article.

We know you are astonished about tattoos but have a good idea about the tattoo inks, by which you will get some knowledge. Here we enlisted some of the premium and safest tattoo inks in the world, which are licensed and safe.

All Types of Tattoo Inks for Making Beautiful Tattoo Designs:

Types of Tattoo Inks for Men & Women Body
Types of Tattoo Inks for Men & Women Body

Intenze Tattoo Inks:

If you are a hardcore tattoo fan, then you may have heard about the Intenze tattoo ink makers. This is a certified and licensed company for making premium cosmetics. Intenze inks are durable, created with sophisticated technology. They always provide colors with high-quality ingredients.

Tattoo Ink – Kuro Sumi:

Kuro Sumi is a Japanese company, using organic ingredients in the making of their colors; they always ensure their consumers the best. Kuro Sumi is a brand which has best levels of inks for shading and outlining. It also has a wide range of colors like Intenze in their production.

Starbite Tattoo Inks:

Starbite is a very popular international ink making brand. This is a premier name since 1990; they have approx 75 color variations in their tattoo ink production. Using high profile chemists and having levels of researchers they always make the supreme level of inks.

Tattoo Inks Moms:

“Moms” is a US based tattoo ink making brand. The Millennium Colorworks are the ink makers of their brand. Offering vibrant colors for their consumers, their ink liquids are genuinely sophisticated for detailing in your body. “Moms” inks are also very reputed and free from any effect.

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Skin Candy Tattoo Inks:

Skin Candy is also a very old and established brand. They are streaming successfully in the market since the year 1996. Providing very high quality and original colors created by the organic ingredients, they always snatch the attraction from people.

Types of Materials Used in High-Quality Tattoo Inks:

The using materials in the making of such sophisticated and sensitive ink matter a lot for the consumers! We make tattoos in very sensitive positions of our body, so all of the tattoo lovers out there better to have a good knowledge that they can judge the aspects and choose the right tattoo ink.

Inks are basically two types, one type become usable with water, and the another type is based on alcohol. Be aware, that the alcohol based ink needs a huge amount of pigment which gets transferred to the consumer’s skin. The pigments include heavy metals in terms of making. It includes oxides as well as few other chemicals. Such chemicals can infuse the consumer’s skin. 

There is also ink which is made of organic and natural ingredients. In terms of such inks, the basic elements are,

  • Petrochemicals
  • Carbon
  • Sulfur
  • Vivid Hues
  • Antimony
  • Soot
  • Calcium
  • Ash
  • Aryl Azo Compounds & etc

Today we also have the ink which glows at night, or in the dark places, the tattoo will glow and even there is also such kinds of inks available which give various reflections. In that case, makers use Polymethylmethacrylate & Fluorescent.

Note – Always choose the premium tattoo parlors for making a tattoo, because they are genuine in terms of your skin sensitivity and that will never affect in any regards. Select the established parlors don’t go with any stranger counter, which just gets opened in your market for one night. Become aware of the tattoo facts, and try to collect as much information you can, that will help you to judge the original.

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